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Aaron Sims

Aaron Sims

Co-President / CEO

Mountain Empire Agency Alliance

Aaron is the CEO of Code & Color, the Co-President and CEO of Mountain Empire Agency Alliance, and the Chairman of the Board of Price & Ramey Insurance Group.

After completing commercial flight training and earning several pilot’s licenses in 2008, Aaron joined the insurance industry, working in his father’s large retail agency in order to earn some income during a major hiring freeze in the airline industry. What started as a means to an end became a newly discovered passion for business and entrepreneurship and Aaron decided to pursue a future with insurance and entrepreneuring in mind.

Around the same time, Aaron’s father was founding Mountain Empire Agency Alliance, a regional network of SIAA. Starting with mailing letters and data entry, Aaron worked in both the agency and the network and eventually worked his way up to becoming the VP of Business Development in 2016 after holding several roles along the way, including external marketing, recruiting, in-house underwriting, and producing.

As VP of Business Development, Aaron started many initiatives and projects with goals of better leveraging technology in the already tech-leaning retail agency. Aaron also began taking those lessons and solutions to Mountain Empire’s members in order to assist them in embracing and utilizing technology, bringing their agencies into the modern era and better positioning them for the future.

In 2019, Aaron founded Code & Color, a web development and digital marketing company whose aim is to make a quality digital presence and digital marketing both affordable and accessible to independent insurance agencies around the country. Code & Color boasts a full team of developers, marketers, and designers who work every day on insurance agency websites, mobile apps, and digital marketing strategy.

Aaron’s father unfortunately passed away in 2020 leaving Aaron to carry forward the lessons he had the privilege of learning from his mentor and father for so many years.

In 2021 Aaron became a father himself for the first time when he and his wife Jessica welcomed their son Wyatt into the world.

Beyond blessed to be surrounded and enabled by very capable teams, Aaron looks forward to continuing to grow Mountain Empire and Price & Ramey while also being acutely focused on making technology more accessible and affordable to main street, independent agencies via Code & Color.