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Gordon Coyle

Gordon Coyle


The Coyle Group

Gordon entered the family insurance business out of college in 1982 as a third generation member. It was a very traditional Main Street type agency at the time and over the years the agency went through a number of mergers, acquisitions, partnerships and spin-offs. Today is an independent commercial only P&C shop focused on digital marketing.

Following the advice of Ryan Hanley, in January 2020 Gordon began to dive into video marketing. Starting off slowly and building over time he has published over 300 videos on YouTube and has gradually gown an audience that has led to regular inbound new business opportunities every week for about the past 18 months. Some of these opportunities have been great, some not so great, but he continues to experiment with video and his website to find good niches and opportunities.

Gordon’s advice is that it’s never too late to try new things and adapt to a changing marketplace. Buyer’s habits are changing, we need to meet our prospects where they are and engage them the way they want to be engaged. Much of that comes through education and knowledge, and there’s no better way to share that knowledge or demonstrate expertise than through video.